The Archives of Székesfehérvár City with County Rights date back three centuries. Before 1950, the archives belonged to the administration of the city municipality, thereafter the institution was a unit of the regional archives (State Archives of Székesfehérvár, Fejér County Archives) until the end of 1991. From February 1992 it has been an independent institution of the city municipality again and the records of the offices, institutions, economic agencies of the city municipality have been held here. The archives collect documents from the area of Székesfehérvár City.  

The main part of the archival holdings is related to the modern age, starting with 1688, when the Turks were expelled, and the city municipality was organized. The documents related to the city municipality form the backbone of the material, such as the minutes of the council meetings, and due to the modernization of the municipality administration in 1848, the minutes and documents of the committees, municipal councils, civic committees, city authorities and the municipality. The documents of the Court – minutes and records – form another important set of documents of the feudal city administration. These documents are kept in several series from 1699 to 1871: documents of criminal and civil lawsuits, the orphans’ court and the bankruptcy court. Besides the documents of these collegiate bodies, the documents of individual bodies contain significant city history data, such as the records of the state administration delegates (royal commissioners, later lord-lieutenants of counties) and the records of the head of the city municipality, the chief judge and the mayor. The documents of some municipality offices have significant historical value, such as the records of the land, urbaria, chamber, engineering and poor law offices and the documents of the chief prosecutor.

The publications of the Archives were published in the series entitled “Bulletin of the Urban History of Székesfehérvár”:

Archives of Székesfehérvár City with County Rights

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