Evangelicals from Zomba, Tolna County were settled in Orosháza by landowner Baron Ferenc Harruckern in 1744. Their first pastor, András Horváth was installed in the same year. From 1782 two pastors served the congregation and after the Edict of Tolerance by Joseph II, in 1786 the present-day stone-church was built. In 1864 the congregation built a vicarage at the upper end and in 1854 at the lower end of the village and the pastors have lived there up to the present. Since 1901 three pastors have provided services to the congregation.

Due to a lack of space, until 1989 the archival material was kept on the gallery, under unsuitable circumstances. After repeated removals, when the building of the church office was returned, the archives were placed in its recent, appropriate storage place. From the autumn of 1990 a part-time congregation archivist was employed. The overview and arrangement of the time-worn documents started then. The records were put on shelves, at present almost the whole material is stored in archival boxes. The registries were restored, microfilmed. The microfilms that were made before 1995 can be found in photocopy, too.

Archives of the Orosháza Evangelical Congregation

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