The Békéscsaba Evangelical Congregation is the traditional centre of the Evangelical Slovaks of Békés County, with long church and cultural traditions. The life of the congregation started after the period of the Turkish occupation, when in 1718 Slovak settlers arrived from Upper Hungary. The first church was built in 1745. For a while the episcopal seat of the Mining District was here as well (1870–1890). During the Communist era the state repression was especially harsh in the Viharsarok, and the congregation can feel its consequences even today. The proportion of the Evangelicals further decreased. All Evangelicals belong to one congregation, where three active pastors work and the Evangelical grammar school was reopened.

The old records of the congregation were arranged for the first time by Pastor Lajos Haan (1855-1891). He had the surviving registers, protocols and account books bound and he arranged the administrative material according to subject matters. The records of the following period were arranged by Elemér Mályusz, according to similar subject matters. The depository inventory was prepared by retired Pastor Gyula Dedinszky at the beginning of the 1970s.

Archives of the Békéscsaba Evangelical Congregation

Adress: 5600 Békéscsaba, Szent István tér 20.

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