The congregation of Győr is one of the oldest and most significant Evangelical congregations of Hungary. In the 16th century the German Evangelical soldiers serving in the fortress of Győr had a priest, who provided pastoral care to the believers of the town as well. At the turn of the 17th –18th centuries Győr was one of the main centres of Transdanubian Pietism and thus an important religious and cultural centre of the Evangelical Church. The Catholicization efforts of the Chapter and the Bishop of Győr made the life of the congregation difficult. The place of the church service changed often and the pastor and the school also moved a lot. In 1734 Queen Maria Theresa banned the operation of the church and for 34 years the followers could practice their religion only in secret or attended church service in Tét or Felpéc. The recent Old Church without church tower was built after the Edict of Tolerance, in 1784/1785. The second church of the congregation was built in Nádorváros in 1944. Under Béla Kapi and Zoltán Túróczy Transdanubian Bishops the town was an Evangelical episcopal seat until 1952. Since 2000 it has been an episcopal seat again, because the centre of the newly-established Western (Transdanubian) Evangelical Church District is here.

The registries of the Evangelical congregation were preserved from 1685 and from 1712 the documents of the life of the congregation are more or less continuous. The protocols and their appendices survived from 1763. The material of the archives was arranged in 1970, when its first list of fonds and subfonds was prepared. The archives continuously take in the archival material of the office and institutions of the congregation, and occasionally they receive gifts and inheritances. The archives, together with the material of the congregation library, were moved to a new, modern store-room between 1999 and 2001. In 2011 the archives were officially named after Mátyás Ráth.

Archives of the Ráth Mátyás Evangelical Collection

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