The life of the community of the House of the Blessed Virgin Monastery started in secret in Budapest in 1955, at the time of the unrestricted prosecution of the Church. Although several members of the community were sentenced into severe imprisonment by the Communist dictatorship, from 1970 they were able to buy a few building sites near Kismaros, where the first “family house” was built between 1982 and 1984. In 1987 the Monastery was received by the General Abbot of the Cistercian Order as a “sui iuris” priorate; then in 1993 it was raised to the rank of an Abbey. In 1996 the Order became part of the Congregation of Zirc.

The Archives of the House of the Blessed Virgin Monastery has only decades-long history. Before 1990 the records were preserved secretly. Their classification started in 1998, after the monastery building, the archival room and its furnishing had been completed. The use of a register book, the storing of documents in a traceable and manageable system, etc. were impossible before the 1990 change of regime. The archives contain manuscripts connect

ed with the theological work of the sisters, translations as well as French and German correspondence. The processing represents a considerable amount of work even in a small monastic archives having a relatively short past.

The Archives of the Cistercian Sisters’ House of the Blessed Virgin Monastery

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